3 Essential Yard Care Tips for Spring

Blog posted On April 06, 2022

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Caring for your yard has endless benefits for both your health and financial well-being. Studies have found that yard care and gardening can boost your mood and mental health, not to mention boost your home’s value a little. If you’re getting ready to warm up the lawn mower or start the watering hose, here are three tips to remember when caring for your yard.

  1. Plant more, early, and often

Different areas across the country have different seasons for optimal planting. Different types of grass also require different seasons for growth. The golden rule of backyarding is, “right plant, right place.” Location, maintenance, sunlight, water, and plant type should all be considered when gardening or caring for your lawn. But the bottom line is that you should plant as early as possible during the recommended season to see the best results. If you plant too late in the recommended season, you may not see the desired results for your lawn. Adding trees, bushes, flowers, and shrubs can be a good addition to your yard, but they will take a long time to grow.

  1. Be aware of the full yard ecosystem

You might have certain designs or visions for your yard, but remember that everything you put in your yard or do to your yard will have an effect on the full ecosystem. If you take away plants, trees, or shrubs, you’re taking away food and shelter for different wildlife. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to leave your yard untamed and ungroomed, but there is a way to properly optimize the landscape of your yard to suit both your vision and the wildlife that lives there. Becoming more aware of your landscape can help you have a more positive effect on the environment and even climate change. Check your climate zone and research landscaping options that can support the birds, bees and other wildlife in the area.

  1. Give your yard proper care

There is such a thing as over watering your yard. When caring for your yard, make sure that you are watering at the right time as well as with the right amount. If you overwater your yard, your grass and roots will get lazy, growing in a horizontal pattern. If you water the proper amount, your roots will grow vertically deeper. To help you water at the right time and provide the right amount to your yard, consider installing a smart controller on your irrigation systems. And when it comes to cutting your grass, make sure you don’t go too short. Typically, 2 to 3 inches is just enough.

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