How To Prepare To List Your House During Peak Buying Season

Blog posted On January 11, 2024

As the real estate market ebbs and flows, there's a golden window known as the peak buying season—a time when potential buyers are actively searching for their dream homes. This opportune moment demands more than a "For Sale" sign and a tidy interior. To stand out and attract the right buyers, strategic preparation is key. 
Here's your comprehensive guide on how to prepare to list your house during peak buying season.

Boost Curb Appeal
First impressions matter! Enhance your home's curb appeal by mowing the lawn, trimming shrubs, planting flowers, and repainting the front door. A welcoming exterior sets the stage for what's inside.

Declutter and Depersonalize
Clear the clutter and depersonalize the space. We know selling your home can be an emotional experience, but decluttering will:
?      Make the home easier to stage
?      Allow potential buyers to picture their things in the space
?      Prepare you even more for your own move
Remove personal items, excessive furniture, and anything that may distract potential buyers from the bones of the house. The goal is to create an inviting environment where buyers can envision themselves living.

Conduct Necessary Repairs
Address any visible or known issues within the property. Fix leaky faucets, repair cracks, replace broken tiles, and ensure all appliances are in working order. A well-maintained home exudes value and reduces negotiation leverage for buyers. In the peak buying market, these small repairs can make or break a sale, so it’s crucial to get them taken care of ahead of time.
Freshen Up with Paint and Finishing Touches

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way when staging a home. Neutral tones are best and create a blank canvas for buyers to envision their own style. Additionally, small finishing touches like new hardware or updated light fixtures are easy ways to set your listing apart from all the rest.

Highlight Key Selling Points
Identify and prepare to accentuate the unique selling points of your home. Some features that buyers value the most include:
?      Updated kitchen appliances
?      Hardwood/Vinyl flooring
?      Energy-efficient features
?      Laundry Room
?      Exterior Lighting
?      Ceiling fans
If you have any of these features, or others, that make your home stand out to potential buyers, highlight them in your listing! Make sure they are well-represented in listing photos and pointed out in the property description.

Get a Pre-Listing Inspection
If you are able, consider having a pre-listing inspection. This proactive step allows you to identify potential issues beforehand and address them accordingly. Instilling confidence in the potential buyers, getting a pre-listing inspection can speed up the selling process, which is crucial in a market that moves quickly. 

Set the Right Price
Research the market and consult with your mortgage lender and real estate agents to set a competitive price. Pricing your home accurately from the start can attract more buyers and lead to quicker offers.

Invest Time in Marketing Your Listing
If you have it in your budget, professional photography is the best way to showcase your home’s best features. High-quality visuals significantly impact a buyer's perception of your home and with 97% of home buyers starting their search online, great photos of the home are essential. 
If you are selling with an agent, they will most likely help you with getting the word out about your home. Your real estate agent or mortgage lender may even have pre-made social posts, email templates, or flyers you can use to market your home. 
However, in the peak buying market, you’ll want to do some of your own marketing work as well. Utilize various online platforms and social media to market your property effectively. Let your friends and colleagues know that you are preparing to sell and ask them if they know anyone who is looking to buy. Word-of-mouth goes a long way when selling your house, and you never know who may be looking if you don’t ask!

Be Flexible and Ready to Negotiate
Remain flexible with scheduling showings and open houses. Additionally, be prepared for negotiations leading up to the closing table. Understanding your bottom line and being open to reasonable offers can expedite the selling process.

Set Your Listing Up For Success!
By following these steps and investing time and effort into preparing your home for sale during the peak buying season, you significantly increase your chances of attracting potential buyers and securing a successful sale. Remember, a well-prepared home not only stands out but also sets the stage for a seamless and profitable transaction.